% hired positions in 2017


% of clients have repeated at least 1 project with us


% of surveyed candidates has had a “very positive” experience with us


is the number of professionals that we have incorporated to a new project

Data relating to the 2017 exercise

We are specialists

Technological and Digital Profiles

Senior Management and Middle Managements

Online + Offline Search Strategy

National and International Projects

Our recruitment process.
01. EVP + KPI’s Definition

In an increasingly competitive context, where there is a true war of talents, it is fundamental to define what the value proposal I can offer as a company is. Why choose my company and not a different one? What defines us as a company? What can we offer with our project? In this new environment, we help companies define their added value as an employer (Employer Value Proposition), in order to have a differential value when it comes to communicating a project, role or position on the market. We work with the HR markets to define the most adequate communication. At the same time, we define everything from zero, the KPI’s for each project to constantly follow up on it and reach the objectives set with the client.

02. Identifying, Attracting and Engaging Candidates

We rely on the most advanced technologies to identify and map the talent in a determined sector and/or segment. Our constant attention is aimed at creating an excellent “Candidate Experience” as the main ingredient in a successful search. We have a long experience and credibility in the market, which allows to have accessibility and trust with the most sought-after professionals in the field. That is why we are able to create long-term relationships with our candidates.

03. Assessment and Selection

We have an assessment and selection process based on: Knowledge of the sector, of the factors that influence success of the business, technical tests (if necessary), and competency-based interviews, among others. We use the best tools to find the “match”.

04. Follow-up and Development

Thanks to our follow-up program, once any project is finalized, we set in motion a program to follow-up closely the incorporation and development of the professional that has been selected. All this to act as facilitators in the complex integration process and ultimately, to guarantee that their incorporation meets the expectations from both sides.

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